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I have an issue with Osmosis on Swan. From underwater inspections I see and feel some blisters and also a “crater” about 2cm across and 1-2 mm deep. The later really concerns me. The purchase survey 9 months ago did alert me to some problems but not bad enough to cancel the deal.
I would like to slip and anti-foul Swan in a month or two but need to learn all I can re Osmosis first.
A search on this site has not found much useful info mainly a short discussion from 2004. So I am wondering if anyone can add anything. I don’t plan to lay up the boat for months to dry it out only a week at max.
I will look wider on the web and if I find anything useful will link it back here.


Russell Rogers 12-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Osmosis
If your boat "Swan" is the ex charter boat Swan that I remember, then, it will be some 25 years old, and, will have been almost constantly in the water for that time, so I would think it highly unusual if it had not developed some osmosis. I suspect that any burst blisters would have been filled, and painted over prior to your purchase, and if the boat had not been thoroughly dried out before the repair was done, then it is inevitable that the filling will drop out. How ever, charter boats were heavily constructed and some osmosis blisters are unlikley to cause any structual concern.
When you do decide to make repairs I would advise that the boat be dried out for at least three months after you break open, and clean out any blisters, and then use an Epoxy filler. You will find many articles on the net regarding Osmosis, but don't be too alarmed as it very common, and repairable.
Rob 12-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Osmosis
It would be worth your while to have a look at the booklet put out by International paints. It has a section on dealing with osmosis.
ATL Composites, the WEST system distributors in Aus have a DVD on osmosis. Do all the research you can.
Mike 18-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Osmosis
Thanks for all this advice.
Yes, Rob "Swan" is an ex Runaway Bay charter boat.
I need to slip it soon so will use that to get a good assessment of extent of the problem. I have decided not to react too much at this stage. If it is bad enough then 12 months time will have to do. Although, I frequently use Swan and would be very reluctant to have it out of action for 3 months.
Russell Rogers 18-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 

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