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RL28 Counter Point Keel
I noticed the RL 28 keel discussion below this.
The hydraulic keel lifting on Counter Point was replaced by the previous owner with a winch & pulley cable.
The Ram, Pump and link rod came as bits with the boat.
I have purchased a gasket and seal set for the original pump and ram from the original manufacturers.

The main problem is that it is not obvious how the Link rod attaches to the keel. The eye on the keel end has a flared pin through it perhaps indicating that the keel has a hook cast into it rather than a hole for the link to attach to. Else the hole has corroded out releasing the rod.
It is hard to see in the keel casing to determine this.
Does anybody know how the link rod is attached to the keel & is this visible if the boat is raised and the keel fully extended??

PS this the boat that has the Outboard mount (10hp 4st Honda) as described by Peter Johannson! If anybody wands details of this I can send.
Ewen Boord 14-Jul-2009    Edit    Delete 
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Re: RL28 Counter Point Keel
Thanks Rob Ill have to jack it up enough to remove trailer and then lower keel into a slot on ground to give enough room.
Then I will be able to do as you suggest.

Inc photo taken when we towed it to Hawksbury from Bendigo
Ewen 15-Jul-2009    Edit    Delete 

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