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keel pin
hi all
i have water coming in under cock pit floor,when i had it on trailer i notice water dripping down just in front edge of keel box this was at least a week after having it in the water on closer inspection i found the fiberglass was flakey so i sanded the corner back and about 20L of water came out. I have cut a small square out of the floor in front of the keel box inside and it is damp but there is no water left i am just curious on how the keel pivot pin is attached and how easy is it to seal up i am only a novice at fiber glassing and repairing the hole will be a challenge, shold i remove the keel if so if i put the boat on the groung and tipped it on its side would that do any damage to the hull sitting on its side?
anthony 20-Jul-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: keel pin
Heres hoping the problem is the keel pin but be warned I had the same problem with a water leak and found the actual keel housing had cracked where the housing is glassed to the hull. What a major job to repair, When we cut the internal moulding (floor) the area between the floor and hull was full of water. We cut 200mm of floor out right around the housing to allow sander access to clean the area out and reglassed the housing heavily, then refitted the cut out glass floor back in, then removed the keel and glassed externally where the hull met the housing then refitted the keel, not an easy exercise. we called in a fibre glass expert,Cost $500.Regards alan
alan 21-Jul-2009    Edit    Delete 

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