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Jack Up A RL24 ON Trailer
Need to bottom paint and replace carpet on trailer bunks. What is best procedure to jack up trailer and place concrete with wood under hull.

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Bob Neiman 24-Jan-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: Jack Up A RL24 ON Trailer
Bob, I lifted my '24 off the trailer in my mates car port! oneside was supported strongly by the house, the other we stregthened with an acro prop. We then used 2 heavy duty ratchet straps and whinched/lifted the boat clear of the trailer. Heart in mouth stuff! We rolled the trailer out placed planks and blocks at each end (ish) to support the hull. The purpose was to remove the swing keel. In your case I could see a similar systen working with supports braced against hip line to stop side ways movement so that you will be able to remove the straps. I will try and get my mate to post the photos of our job.
Martyn 27-Jan-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: Jack Up A RL24 ON Trailer
Project completed with 12 cement blocks, a 2X6X8 foot pressure treated wood cut into 4 three foot pieces to place on top of jack spreading out the excerted pressure and resting on centerline and two car jacks. One side completed at a time and dried overnight. Next day other side was completed and dried overnight. Third day auto jacks removed and bottom painted where wood was. Carpet glued to bunks with contact cement and will now tack on sides. Front trailer wheel jack was lowered to raise stern as high as possible and then jacked up. Next was raising front trailer wheel jack a bit and using blocks with car jack and wood to raise the bow. Worked for me on my trailer but safty and caution is recommended.
Bob Neiman 29-Jan-2010    Edit    Delete 

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