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End of an Era
Not much has been happening here lately so I thought people who regularly use and appreciate the RL site should know that Keith Merkley has sold Peaches and Cream. P&C is a RL28 that Keith bought as a hull and deck and fitted out in his front yard. The end result was every bit as good as the factory finished model which is testament to Keith’s eye for detail and desire for excellence. P&C is still in tip top condition and the new owners have done very well for themselves.

P&C of course started a long friendship with Rob Legg and eventually setting up the web site. Keith’s conviction that the RL28 is one of the most suitable boats for cruising Moreton Bay helped in my decision to purchase Swan a couple of years ago. Keith was very patient with a novice sailor on many a Wednesday after that.

I suspect Keith will continue to look after the site and add the odd word of wisdom. I am sure his love of RLs is not diminished. I am sure he will occasionally sail on Swan, although I might be trying to thumb a ride on his new shiny boat more often.

Keith is a humble guy but with any luck he will leave this up so that we can show our appreciation for the work he has done on the site, the advice he has given and his advocating for RLs.

Russell Rogers 17-Jun-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: End of an Era
Thanks to Russell for letting us know and to Keith for his fantastic work in opening up the channels for RL owners to inform and keep informed about all things RL.
I hope that the positive feedback from the RL community encourages Keith to keep the site running and in time be able to hand over the reigns to someone who will do justice to Keith's RL legacy.
Chris Conley 18-Jun-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: End of an Era
A BIG thankyou to Keith for starting this grt RL site,I think I have learnt so much more about the RLs than I did when I was growing up with them in the 70s and 80s, Dad and Mum did try to get me interested LOL ;-). I did finally meet Keith and his son on a flight up to LA a few years back.
Its overwhelming to see there are so many RL owners out there still (thankyou), and without this site we still wouldn't have realised...so thanks again Keith and thanks guys

Jenni Buckley 2-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 

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