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fore stay status slipstream
best way to get full tension on forestay ? previous owner pulled it on using 3mm cord, 6 loops lashed, no aids other than grunt. suggestions have included using trailer winch or deck mounted pulley block. manual tension leaves stays loose. spray
terry mcauliffe 9-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: fore stay status slipstream
It seems as though your shrouds may be a little far forward,as, a six to one tackle should be more than enough, and would create at least 300 Kg tension on your forestay.

Just consider this! When you are sailing to windward and your main sheet is not on hard, is your leeward shroud slack, and your headsail luff sagging to leeward? then that would be normal on the majority of boats unless they make use of a backstay, and,or, runners. Most modern small sailing craft create the tension on the headsail luff from the the tension on the mainsheet, and that is why it is important to make use of your traveller eased wider, and retain the mainsheet tension in a strong breeze.

If you persist on just trying to increase the tension on the fore stay by mechanical means, then, you still will never have a tight jib luff when sailing, and something is going to break, most likley a shroud as it will have around five times the tension of the forestay or as I had done when learning to sail, break a mast thru excess compression. Just remember that it does not matter if your leeward shroud is a little slack when you are on the wind as long as your headsail luff is taunt thru mainsheet tension, also your sail maker would have allowed for a certain amount of sag when he made your headsail.
Rob Legg 10-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: fore stay status slipstream
Rob, I am thinking that Terry is referring to his Status Slipstream as having the forestay lashed with cord and not being fitted with a friction free 6 to 1 block and tackle unit.

There is no way this type of lashing would have been a standard fitting on a production slipstream built way back in the eighties. If I remember right they were all fitted out with big powerful bendy rigs that supported a large 32 square metre spinnaker! To carry this sail I am sure they would have had to fit a backstay with a bendy crane?

Terry if you google the words ‘Status Slipstream’ and also do a search in this forum using the same words, you will find info on your boat. One of the posts in this website has a photograph of a very nice slipstream rig. It looks like a goldspar mast and does not look original with its double spreaders.

Alastair 12-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: fore stay status slipstream
thanks rob & alastair, no, i have no 6:1 block fitted, no back stay, understand the lee shround tension on a work, having difficulty pointing upwind and thought forestay tension may be the issue but thinking reef main and smaller headsail the answer
terry mcauliffe 16-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 

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