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Craig Heydon, Friday, 23 July 2010

Yachting Australia has recently contacted each of its State and Territory Yachting Associations (MYAs) seeking clarification of the laws regarding trailers and towing in the different jurisdictions.

The variation in legislation between the States has been of concern for some time to the Yachting Australia Trailable Yacht and Sportsboat Committee. The International Etchells Class of Australia (IECA) has also written to Yachting Australia expressing their concerns over whether or not some trailable yachts and sportsboats comply with the legislation in some States.

Of particular concern is the extent of the rear overhang, especially where the mast is carried on top of the boat. Yachting Australia is aware that there is a regulatory exemption Victoria to address the issue. Without this exemption, many sportsboats and trailable yachts towed on the road would not comply with the Victorian State regulations.

Similar exemptions may apply in other States and the Territories. “We have asked our MYAs in other jurisdictions to confirm the position with the relevant authorities,” explained Yachting Australia CEO Phil Jones. “Depending on the regulations in place, the MYA concerned may need to act on behalf of this large community of boat owners to seek an appropriate exemption to ensure that their boats can be legally towed on the public highway.”

Of particular concern to Yachting Australia is the possible impact on insurance and in particular, CTP insurance, of the unlawful loading of a vehicle in the event that vehicle is involved in an accident.

Yachting Australia is urging owners of trailable boats and sports boats to check local regulations to ensure that their loads comply. “The legislation in this case is State/Territory based and is the responsibility of the relevant Road Traffic Authority (RTA). If members are concerned they should contact their RTA for details of the legislation. MYAs should also be able to provide advice as a result of their enquiries.”

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