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The ATYSBR and the National CBH Rating System
I have had a look round the various MYA websites and I say there is definitely ‘Movement in the Camp’ with regard to the CBH system!

I report as follows:

• The current 2010 version of the ATYSBR along with latest CBH ratings are in the YV website (click on the ‘sailing and boating’ heading then ‘trailables’). This new version of the ATYSBR is dated 17 August 2010 and they say the rule section will not be amended again for 4 years.

• YQ are using the ATYSBR along with the new CBH ratings.

• YNSW still says if you feel the need for a TY CBH system use the YV CBH system!

• The TYA of NSW and ACT apparently do not agree with YNSW and they are using the new ATYSBR----- CBH system!

• YV appears to have bailed out and shut down the TY CBH system they developed way back in the early 80’s. They have removed it from their website totally and appear to be accepting the new ATYSBR and their new national CBH ratings.

• YSA have taken up the new ATYSBR CBH system.

• YWA, YT and YNT do not show any info on TY’s or CBH ratings!

I suggest everybody has a ‘look see’ at the ATYSBR as it is well laid out, has good procedures and is easy to read with no need for any ‘common sense’ interpretations.

It is noted that all new requests for a CBH rating or modified boat rating have to be checked out by a MYA measurer before being sent to a CBH ‘Custodian’ to be issued with a rating. Now this is different and must surely be an improvement on having a state CBH committee. I wonder, will the ‘Custodian’ use an approved VPP??

If you have a look at the CBH listings you will see that no RL24’s appear to have applied for a modified boat number and that there are eight RL 28s that have modified boat ratings. Well done --Blackbeard—Distraction---Exotic---Foulplay---Impulse---Moonbird---Pepsea---Stormy Affair---.

Alastair Russell 7-Oct-2010    Edit    Delete 

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