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Replying to:Do we need to fine tune RL24 and class rules to help the class grow ????????
With the RL24 Nationals at Southport coming up in 3 months time. I was thinking it is time to start to have a look at our class and as a class see what if any changes we may like to try or think the RL24 needs to help the class grow. Most classes look at there class rules regularly and fine tune then to suit what the sailors in the class want. If we can come up with any ideas that we think will help the class grow and get more boats back on the water then we can bring then up at the class AGM at the nationals. The reason that I'm doing this now is that if we as a class feel that we would like to change anything in the class rules then we need to have it in writing to the class President 1 month before the nationals so it can be talked at and voted on at the class AGM. I would also like to say if you feel passionate about anything that you think needs to be changed in the class rules then you need to join the class and be a financial member so you can vote at the AGM. It's only $30 to join the class. Other than that it's open to most ideas. A example of what I mean is - The 505 dinghy class changed the spinnaker size and pole length on there boats to keep then up to speed with other classes as well as to keep the sailors happy. This in turn has kept the fleet sailing as a class and helped them grow. So it's open to you to come up with any ideas and let's see what other people think we could try on our boats to help the class grow. Rules. - If you put a idea forward tell us the following What you think we need to change. Why you think we need to make the change How and it will help the class grow What benefit it has to the class. Dave Pullin