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What is the correct method to rig a RL24 fractional rig?
We are restoring a RL24 its ready to sail now and we are looking for advise on the safest and easiest method to stand the rig up(step the mast). What we are after is advise on things like "should the mast be stepped from the stern or the bow?" What stays should be connected last and how many people are needed to step it safely?
Cheers Alex
Alex Fletcher 11-Feb-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: What is the correct method to rig a RL24 fractional rig?
Hi Alex. Assuming that your rig is similar to other RL24s, the best way to rig is as follows.....you probably need 3 people but once you have the hang of it 2 would be enough.

1. Move the mast into position.....mast tip over the stern and base ready for connection.
2. Connect shrouds (sidestays)
3. Connect mast base (this may require the mast to be held up from stern.
4. Raise the mast (2 people to lift, 1 to run around clearing wires and ropes etc that always get caught around winches and cleats).
5. Connect forestay.

Probably best to talk through the process before you do it so everyone knows their job and where things can get caught because holding a mast at 45 degrees whilst wires and ropes get cleared can be painful.

James Shannon 12-Feb-2011    Edit    Delete 

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