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Hello, I have an RL28 but the deck hatches are leaking and the latches are frail, would anybody know the make of these hatches to either replace the latches and seals or buy some new ones. Cheers
Dale Winward 18-May-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: hatches
The top hatches are Beckson and are available locally but much cheaper to buy directly from the manufacturer in the US. You need the ones that are 1 inch high and various tints are available.

The front hatch is a Houdini. Search for Houdini in this forum for some suggestions others have made. I found that the rubber seal was OK but where it leaked was the around the glass. This can be dug out, the glass and aluminium cleaned up, and it re-sealed with the black sikaflex. Beware - this stuff makes a BIG mess.
Keith Merkley 19-May-2011    Edit    Delete 

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