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Info wanted on RL24 'Hassles', Darwin NT
Hi mariners
I am hoping someone may be able to shed a bit more light on my RL 24 Jindili
This is a great site/community, well done all, thanks Rob, June and co.
I have been a silent user for a couple of years now while repairing, fitting out and modifying my old girl.
Everyone here has been a great help in my workings, so thanks to all.
This is my 3rd dry season of working on her
Usually up until June then i get out there! This year is looking similar while i perfect the motor well - full tilt transom, bouyancy safety etc. (i am working and studying a lot)
Just after re-naming her i saw the faint impression where the previous name had been removed. I suspected it read 'Hassles'. Pretty much confirmed this on the owners register page. 'Hassles' owned by David Molesworth, in Darwin NT. She has a med blue hull, topsides are white and sky blue, tho underneath the top sides seem to have been a greyish pale blue. The sail number he has listed seems wrong, ie 43082 There is no number on the very old sail made in WA, but it does have the RL logo.
Andy 27-May-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Info wanted on RL24 'Hassles', Darwin NT
Thanks for the info and email Rob, and Alan.

Andy 20-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 

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