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Lockdown device
Dear Robb, I notice that you recomended a lock down device on a previous post, I have read all the posts about the various suggestion but none have really appealed to me. My keel box has a very nice drop leaf table fitted to it so I am reluctant to change anything there, with using the keel as a tuning device I am not sure of the best place to put a 'through bolt'. Robb would you be able recomend a device in keeping with the rest of your excellent design using the pivot bolt as a reference point?
Martyn 1-Jul-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lockdown device
You can trace the profile of the head of your keel using a small strong magnet.
First (in the water) lower your keel to it's normal down position, then raise it about 25%, you can then trace around the position of the head of the keel with the magnet and chalk in its position, allow 30mm inside the line as the true position of the keel top. You can then determine the best and highest position for a through bolt.

Use a drain plug on a small block epoxy'd on each side of the keel case to seal off the holes when not in use, but, you will need to taper the entry end of the bolt a little as it is not easy to locate the hole on the nut side. A soft rubber washer is advisable on either end of the bolt as there can be a lot of water splash inside the case.
Rob.Legg 7-Jul-2011    Edit    Delete 

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