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Who has paid for new sails?
Anyone bought the north sails lately? I want to look at some before I hand over the cash. If not what sails did you get?
Luke 12-Jul-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Who has paid for new sails?
Hi Luke to have a look at some pics of the North Sydney 3DL sails if you go to Picture Gallery, Pictures of 2008-09 Nationals, Image 1 has sail numbers 199 and 402 in the foreground, these boats both carry Norths 3DL sails. These are the boats to beat at the nationals. The sail number 402 is the newest of the 2 and I think the owner is still in Sydney. I will make some enquires and get him to get in touch with you. You may be able to view them.
Darryn Dyer 16-Jul-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Who has paid for new sails?
Hi Darren an RL 24 devotees
Iím at the beginning of refurbishing a RL 24 Mark 4 named Nusabulla sail no 459. I am keen to get started. This means I need knowledge I donít have in this class. Some questions include:
a) I want to install myself the rigging on the gold spar mast (the blank is quoted at $1900 so Iím nervous at messing it up) Has anyone got a detailed specification on the materials required to purchase apart from those provided by North Sails? ie wire dimensions, turnbuckle specs, pulley specs, halyard sizes / lengths etc.
b) How are you adjusting rig tension on the forestay? Ie where do you put the pulley system?
c) Can you confirm for the new skiff rig set up the side stay location 750mm behind the mast base bolt?
d) The ply wood in the deck finishes at that 750mm mark. So this means the u bolt supporting the side stays in the deck adjacent the gunnel will be right at the end of the existing stiffening. Will it be okay to have the new u bolt at the end of this existing blocking?
2) The RL 24 Ohau rua owned by Simon Walsh looks very pretty. Where did he get that rudder mount / blade from? Whatís the cheapest option to make a good rudder and box combination? Can you use a skiff rudder or centre board? Anyone got any idea how to make one? The existing swing rudder is in a aluminium frame which is very heavy and the whole thing wobbles.
3) Are you running a brace and sheet to each clue of the kite? What is the sheet location adjacent the cockpit? And brace location? Do they tail to a winch on the coach house roof? If so what size?
4) Is it okay by the rules to remove the stern rails and safety cables?
5) Can you fill in the hole made by the motor well when racing? I know the motor has to stay in place tilted (and at 20kg) but can you have a removable board so there is no hole?
6) Has anyone got a detailed specification for removing the antifoul and 2 pack painting the bottom of the boat. I donít want to sand off too hard? What type of 2 pack is best to use? Spray or brush? etc, etc.
7) The front hatch looks like it will leak? Any ideas how to seal?
8) Anyone got any photos and measurement of track sheeting positions on the deck for the north jib? It looks like my jib tracks may need beefing up. Any photos will help. What pulley system do you use on the jib sheet?
9) Main sheet details. Any photos again would be helpful and specs on pulley systems, same for traveller. Again Ohau rua looks like they have a fine tune set up on the main sheet?
10) Iím purchasing a new north kite should I get them to put one eyelet in the guts for a line connection to pull the kite in?

11) Are there any additions to the north sails spec that I should get included ie, windows? reef points? etc etc
12) What the best method for setting up a chute for the kite?
13) Anyone got any details on the best method of re sealing windows? What are the preferred final detail and the specification of the Perspex?
14) Any typical leaks that occur that would likely need attention?
15) Final question if you had your time again what would you have done differently when you refurbished your boat? Ie, are there any cost saving options as this is a big commitment to the class.
Iíve been impressed by the standard of the boats in the photo gallery especially Ohau rua.My intention is to just get the boat going fast by concentrating on masts, sails, rudder and the bottom finish. All the frilly stuff I will leave to latter so any ideas on making it go fast would be appreciated. If you send me your email I can post some photos on windows live and you can see what Iím starting with.
Fair weather to you all and look forward to the nationals at Xmas time, Luke 0413043810

Luke Ratcliff 17-Jul-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Who has paid for new sails?
We have a new Quantum set on the way for the Nationals. Square top main, silicone chute , Carbon Jib.
Lofty 29-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Who has paid for new sails?
Luke, the combination of many different things makes an RL skiff rig work efficiently in varying winds.
I suggest you hitch a ride on one of the faster yachts and see and feel how the rig, sails hull, keel rudder and crew combine to produce the efficiency that makes the better RL24s so good in racing.
Mast, sails and rig all combine to bend and flatten under wind pressure to change shape and self adjust as winds increase and decrease. The dynamics of what is fundamentally a self adjusting rig also combine with the light efficient hull to plane effortlessly when the conditions permit.
The recently fitted out yachts have had the flexibility, angles and loads in the rigs developed over many years of development, there is no set of dimensions like a one design fleet and each owner needs to do their own development figuring out what works for their yacht.
You can copy other yachts but be aware the smallest features in some of the boats have made significant differences when balancing the rig to the hull etc.
I doubt whether anyone is able to advise in detail how you should fit out your yacht.
If you mention where you live someone near you with a quick RL24 may assist you to get close to their set up.
Greg 31-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Who has paid for new sails?

Google using the word ---- Mysailing ---- and then enter the MYsailing.com.au. website. Find the heading ---practical ---and click it and then click ---racing----. Go to the bottom of the page and then click page 10 or 11.

You will find a rather interesting article under the heading SAIL WARS!!!! Itís a rather old Australian Sailing magazine article stating the changing sailmaking situation way back in February 2010. I feel by reading it, it might help you to get up to speed on who could be the Ďfast sailí sailmaker at the moment?

Alastair 6-Sep-2011    Edit    Delete 

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