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RL28 Beam - 8' 1" or 7' 11"

Sailboat data shows the original RL28 at 7.91 feet, about 7 foot 11 inches, but you show the beam as 8 foot 1 inch. Wondering why this discrepancy. My thought is that sailboat data shows the oringinal RL28 and you are describing the newest version.

I'm thinking of buying an older model and shipping it to it's home berth. I will need to make sure that it will fit, on its trailer in a 40' container; so, what's the scoop?

Alex Blonna 8-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 Beam - 8' 1
The origonal Plan measurement of 7Ft11" was the extreme beam of the GRP hull, and the 8Ft1" is the overall width to the outside of the fender extrusions. At the time of the origonal boats the max legal allowable width on a trailer was 8Ft2".

Rob. 8-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
So, Will the RL28 fit in a Shipping Container?
Thanks for the clarification Rob.

Im wondering if, when we consifer the full beam to be 8 foot 1 inch, will the RL28 actually still fit in a shipping container? Have you ever shipped one in a 40 foot container or do you know of any owners who have?

Thanks again for the info,

Alex Blonna 10-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 Beam - 8' 1
Unfortunatly a RL28 will not fit thru the door way of a 40 Ft container,however,it may just make it with a side loading container.
Several had been shipped overseas some twenty plus years ago, and I seem to remember talk of a "Bolster" on top of the stack being used, it sounded rather risky to me at the time. Sorry but I cant help further with that.
Rob legg 12-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
On Fitting into a Container etc. ...
Thanks again Rob, for the info.

Shippers I have been talking to say the best way to go is on a "flatrack", which I assume is an open container, which would get stacked above the other containers on the deck.

Any knowledge of or experience with these.

Greatly appreciate your input,

Alex Blonna 12-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 Beam - 8' 1

I remember chatting to an owner of a Southcoast 25 trailer yacht who was doing quite a bit of work to his boat. He said he had bought a twenty foot ISO shipping container and had converted it by taking the ends and sides out and welding in cradles to fit his boats hull. He also said he has cut his mast in half and sleeved it.

It was his intention to ship his boat over to France on the deck of a container ship and cruise the European canals and end up in UK. He thought he might leave his boat on its container cradle over there for a few years visiting it in their summer months before bringing her back to Australia.

I remember him telling me that it was a hellava lot cheaper shipping the boat across there on a container ship than on a trailer in a roll on/roll off ship.

Alastair 13-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 Beam - 8' 1
I suspect most production yachts from Europe and the US are shipped in flatracks. They are a rack with (I think) fold up ends. Open all round though. You would need to wrap the vessel in lots of plastic. I would also take off the rudder assembly.
Russell 14-Aug-2011    Edit    Delete 

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