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Buoyancy in an RL24
Please excuse my ignorance but is the buoyancy in an RL24 provided by a sealed air space or should it have foam installed? The RL24 I have has a 4 inch access port in the anchor well but that is all.
Ric Witham 17-Oct-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Buoyancy in an RL24
All of the floatation chambers in the RL24 were sealed off compartments origonally, but over the years some had been opened up and used for extra stowage space, others were fitted with drain plugs to drain off trapped water, and some were foam filled. The only foam buoyancy used in manufacture was to fill the void in the coamings.
Although tests were done to ensure the original floatation was adequate extra is advisable down aft, and could be in the form of an inflatable bag under the cockpit floor.
In your boat the port in the anchor well was most likley there to enable a check for leaking.

Rob Legg 18-Oct-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Buoyancy in an RL24
Thanks Rob. I have to say how awesome (and reassuring) it is to have access to yourself and experienced RL24 owners via this forum. I will try not to abuse the opportunity.
Ric witham 19-Oct-2011    Edit    Delete 

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