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Info on Status 580 Can anybody help?
I am wondering if anybody can answer some questions I have about the status 580. I am looking at purchasing Sail #65 as a school training boat. Can anybody comment on roughly the age/year of construction of the boat? Is there any distinguishing features that prove it is an RL boat rather than by another builder? Is it usual for the centre board pivot bolt to leak? The owner mentioned that he has never had anymore than a litre of water come in from here. I realise it is unusual to have a 'dry' boat. There are a few hard bumps/bubbles about the size of a one cent piece in the hull above the waterline. The bubbles don't 'give' when pressure is put upon them. Can anybody shed some light on this?

Thanks Geoff
Geoff Watson 24-Oct-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Info on Status 580 Can anybody help?
If the boat that you are looking at has a full moulded interior with seats running lengthwise then it would have most likley have been built in the RL factory, I can,t remember the sail numbers that were issued at that time.
The main reasons for the pivot bolt leaking would be the bolt binding on the keel thru corrosion build up, thus turning the bolt and breaking the silicone seal when the keel is raised and lowered, or, the nut having been tightened thus breaking the seal, neither being hard to rectify. If the boat was built by RL yachts and the sail number is correct then it would be around 34years old now.
The jelcoat bubbles would be no problem in the topsides and unlikley to increase after all this time.

Rob Legg 25-Oct-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Info on Status 580 Can anybody help?
Rob, thanks for your prompt response. The last thing I expected was to get an answer so quickly and from the builder! I can't help but ask another question or two. Underneath the internal moulding floor are the stringers made from timber encased in glass? I would also like to know a little bit more about the bouyancy/self righting characteristics of the Status 580. Is there any test info or anybody with any expeiences they would like to share?

Thanks, Geoff
Geoff Watson 25-Oct-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Info on Status 580 Can anybody help?
After doing more research I have concluded that it is unlikely that we built the boat that you are referring to,as,the sail numbers that I can find only run from the thirties to the fifties,also I remember we had eliminated all timber from the hull construction.
It would seem that the "Status" you are looking at may have been built sometime after October 1988, with glassed over stringers, (glassed over timber stringers should not be a worry if it has been done properly, and even if the timber does deteriorate the remaining glass section should add the the necessary stiffening).
As far as stability is concerned we never had any reports of capsizes, although I doubt that the side decks would be wide enough to prevent the entry of water with a full crew on board, many had been used for training purposes and they were the preferred training boats of two instructors that I know.
Rob Legg 26-Oct-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Info on Status 580 Can anybody help?
Have an elect wrinch onthe trailer now. Need some suggestions to help raise the Mast successfully. I am aware i need to attach guide lines from the "spraders" as i life the mast with elect wrinch control. Is there a successful design for the Status 19???

Trisha & Criag 2-Nov-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Info on Status 580 Can anybody help?
Hi Trish, I believe you may know Chris Ruston from TSS? He tells me he has a fool proof strategy to raise a mast single handedly. Unfortunately, I haven't asked him how it is done as I haven't yet picked up the Status my school has purchased. I suggest you contact him for advice on your mast raising issue. Geoff
Geoff Watson 4-Nov-2011    Edit    Delete 

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