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RL24 Nationals
It's almost the halfway point of the series in one of the more beautiful sailing spots I've seen at Toronto, Lake Macquarie. Paul Corben is flying in Cosmic Sedso in the drop keel division and has recorded 3 wins from 4 starts from Mick Shannon in Lowana VI with 1 win. With light weather predicted in the final couple of days some of the lighter crews are sure to make life pretty interesting as the series concludes.

In the swing keel division, Pikey on Sly Fox similarly has 3 wins and leads from Scott Jones on Shady Lady with Ya Mum (yes, that's the name) not far away.

More to come.....
James Shannon 11-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
Is there a site where we can view the complete results of the regatta?
paul 12-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
Well they say there's a fine line between pleasure and pain and I think I felt that watching Paul (Duckabomb) Corben sail over the horizon to record an unassailable lead in the Drop Keel division of the Nationals at Toronto. It can't be said that we didn't try, we even sent our foredeck Charlie over with a nice bottle last night but to no avail. The boy is apparently made of sterner stuff!

Likewise it looks like the Pike family have a firm grip on the Swing Keel division upwards the end of a very professionally sailed campaign.

Working on the detailed results and will get some photos loaded up as well.

For those who have missed the event, get working on a Lake Hume campaign for next year. I am installing Warrigal as early favorite. If that bloody Paul can do it.....
James Shannon 13-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
James, you've got no hope. I just checked with my London Turf Accountant and he tells me you are a million to one for Lake Hume and drifting! But many thanks for your reporting of the current Nats. - good work lad.
Ross Corben 14-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
But isn't that the point, Ross? I was only little but my recollection of Lake Hume was that he or she that drifts best.....
James Shannon 15-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
While you and Ross are dreaming of drifting around beautiful Lake Hume next year, the rest of us less fortunates are still waiting with baited breath to hear the full results of this years series.
Rob Legg 16-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
Won't be long now the results hard copies have just arrived home and I will endevour to get them on the website tomorrow
Darryn 17-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
Using the Google search engine I tried and failed to find the 2012 RL24 national title results.

What I did find though was a rather heated discussion in the forum in the trailersailerplace website which was started way back in early 2010. The topic went under the title 'RL24: Stability and Competition'. I must tell you that I was quite disappointed reading some of the inputs from TY and RL 24 owners who I notice did not put their proper names to their posts!

I may not necessary agree with a lot of the things Alan Owen has being pushing in both the media and his internet posts, but unlike others I totally defend his right to express his opinion and views. I think it is very healthy to see sailboat safety matters being discussed in an open forum.

I remember being quite disappointed when Alan was attacked by Rob Ballard and John Burgess of YV in the June 2008 copy of the Australian Sailing magazine under the title, 'Trailer Sailer concerns unfounded' (google these words and read). I feel their advice in the article was both substandard and wrong. The National RL24 association was then only registered by YV so it was up to YV to take the responsibility and approve their class rules and also audit the associations operation. With regard to the trailersailer post, surely the YA cannot be held responsible for any of the actions within the association if the RL24 class is not a properly registered Australian National sailboat racing class. Yes, the RL24 class rules would then have to be approved by YA

Everyone should realise that the first RL 24 was designed, built and raced nearly forty years ago when all the racing rules and regulations and attitudes to marine safety were quite different. I will take a punt and say that the Mark 1 and 2 RL24 were designed and built to the Trailer Sailer regulations back then with the mark 3 and 4 being designed and built to the Trailer Yacht regulation. See attached definition from Wikipedia:

If any RL24 owner wants to race in a mixed TY CBH race and is unhappy with the shenanigans of the association I strongly suggest that they have their boat measured and weighed in accordance with the new YA National Trailer Yacht Rule. They can then apply for a new CBH rating (I believe they use a secret vpp software package) . You never know, you might get a pleasant surprise in the change to your CBH rating if your RL 24 is a stock standard and unmodified version.

From Wikipedia:
A trailer sailer is a small yacht or large dinghy style of sailboat that is moved to sailing locations and stored on a road trailer. It is neither a Day sailer or a Pocket cruiser but may be used for either purpose depending upon design suitability. The large dinghy style relies principally on correct crew weight for balance rather than fixed ballast, much like a dinghy and is suitable for use only on protected water. The other style is a Trailer yacht, which has a proper yacht ballast ratio of at least 30% excluding crew weight. This latter style is suited to yacht racing or cruising on inshore waters and along coastlines; a good example may pass self righting tests and be suitable for Junior Offshore Group (JOG) or Channel events or the like. Other designs are a compromise between the two principal types. An emerging type is the Sportsboat with a proper yacht ballast ratio, but large sail areas requiring crew weight positioning for stability, with their own design and self righting rules.[1][2] One feature that distinguishes Trailer sailers from other small yachts is the need to launch from and recover to an on road registered trailer, which can place constraints on dimensions and weights. They may vary in length from 5 to 10 metres; above that the length-width ratio is not ideal. In addition the mast and rigging must be suitable for ease of raising and lowering. The keel is most often not fixed but may be retracting, removable or swing, hydraulic, winch or electric operated and the ballast may be water that is drained to reduce weight for trailing. For simplicity and weight saving they are more likely to have a removable outboard engine.
Inherent in the design of yachts with lifting keels is the ability to approach a beach or landing close enough that the occupants may wade ashore. This is great for family outings. Such craft can, if necessary, also sit on the bottom comfortably when the tide recedes (often referred to as "drying out"). Shallower cruising grounds can also be more readily, and safely, accessed. Lifting keels also permit the boat to be stored on the trailer at home or onshore at a marina or boat club rather than on a mooring, thus making them cheaper than larger boats. For these reasons, they are popular with young families. Another advantage is the quick movement between different cruising grounds: it may take weeks to sail a yacht to a new destination, whereas it may take only days to transport it by road across country.

With regard to the above mentioned Google search using the letters RL24:

In Saint Helena Island in the deep deep South Atlantic ( Napoleon was imprisoned there) you have to fill in a RL24 form if you want info from the land titles office!

In Quebec in Canada you have to fill in a RL24 form if you want child support payments (Its in French of course)!

In the Cayman Islands ( I think they are in the Caribbean) you have to fill in a RL24 form when you want to appeal to the Grand Court.

Riveting Stuff Eh!

Alastair 17-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
Whilst waiting on the official results, I should take the opportunity to point out just what a fun regatta it was. Like I said earlier, there could not be many more pretty venues to sail at than Toronto. The club was very friendly and kid tolerant, the breeze was just about perfect for the entire fleet, and the weather not too hot.

The sailing committee bent over backwards to make our series an enjoyable one and I hope we get back there sooner rather than later. It was particularly pleasing to see my young nephews sailing with my mate in my Dad's old boat come a very competitive 3rd in the Drop Keel division in Lowana V. Another highlight was the way the fleet became more bunched towards the end of the regatta as the less experienced competitors started to hit their straps.

Also noticeable was a boat that I remember being very fast when I was a kid, Safari, still flying with Tim Jackman at the helm though I'm not sure about its new name, Dodgy Vindaloo!!
James Shannon 18-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Nationals
Congratulations to Sly Fox. Seems the old adage of getting your boat in shape, putting time and effort into your crew and then working your butt off still seems to work. Well Done
Mike 20-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 

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