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Deck Plan
Does any one have a deck plan for sheets etc for RL24 Mk2? We are trying to put this one together as close as original as possible
Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews 13-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Deck Plan
Unfortunatly all remaining detailed drawings of the RL24 Mk2 fell victim to the Silverfish several years ago, but I do have a large file photograph taken during self righting tests that show deck fittings, and I will Email it to you as it would not show up well enough to place along side this reply.

The origonal sail plan allowed for an alternative Jib or overlapping headsail and it is unlikley that the position of the deadeye tracks would suit your sail, so you would have to position these to suit.

Rob Legg 14-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Deck Plan
That would be greatly appreciated Rob. Please e mail to mikeandlinda@dodo.com.au
Michael Andrews 19-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 

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