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RL 28 Cast Iron Keel Coating
The cast iron keel on my RL28 needs attention on next slipping. I plan to sand/grind/wire brush it back to metal and then apply appropriate coating/s. I am not planning to drop it out of the boat as that is just too much effort. I am hoping that the main problems are accessible with the keel fully extended.
What I donít know is what is to coat it with. Someone once suggested rust converter first and then a two part epoxy. Is this the best approach? What epoxy pains are available for this application?

PS ....
1 I have found a product called POR15 that is available here that may do the trick. Does anyone have experience in this product? I found it from a blog where someone had repaired a wing heel (iron) on a larger yacht. It is a paint with all sorts of penetrating and bonding claims. Says it can be applied to steel keels and any other metal. Bit of a prep process but there would have to be with any of this.
Aussie Web site: http://por15.com.au/

2. Another blog recommended at least 3 coats of Zinc Chromate paint and then coating/troweling on an Epoxy Glue compound and sanding smooth. Not so keen on that.

Russell Rogers 24-May-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 28 Cast Iron Keel Coating
In the good old days we used tar epoxy but they're not allowed to put tar in it any more.
The POR15 sounds good; you might juat have to be the guinea pig. It's not cheap.
Most paint companies make a thin epoxy paint the penetrates and seals rusted steel once you remove the loose flaky bits.
Altex make a product that does that job (can't remember the name of the latest version) and also they have Altra Tar which will do for the top coats.
No doubt Jotun have similar products, as do Sigma. They're all pretty good; just get on to their web sites and look for systems that treat rusted steel.
Mike 25-May-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 28 Cast Iron Keel Coating
I dropped my keel out of RL24 last year.

I took most of the rust off myself, then got it sandblasted. I then gave it three coats of epoxy resin (which is a two part mix).

Make sure that you get all the flaking rust off and using a rust converter will be fine.
Andrew 28-May-2012    Edit    Delete 

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