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What size Manson Plough Anchor for an RL28?
Hi guys.

I need to purchase a new anchor for my RL28.
I used to use a Manson 25Lb anchor which held like a rock, but it was a bit too heavy when retrieving. Also, during the period my boat sat at anchor, the Manson has dug itself so far into the sand that we can't retrieve it so I have decided to put a mooring buoy on it and use it a my permanant mooring.

I want to buy another Manson anchor but what would you guys recomend as a suitable weight? 10lb? 15lb?

I would love to hear any suggestions. Perhaps someone can suggest something other than a Manson anchor?

Garry Beattie 27-Oct-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: What size Manson Plough Anchor for an RL28?
According to the size recommendation on the Manson web site, 25 lb is the right size. If you want to go lighter, try a Manson Supreme, similar to a Sarca but a bit easier on the hip pocket. Another option would be one of the Bruce copies (we call the chinese version a bluce). The 5kg version has been tested with 5 RL24's during the Bay to Bay stopover, so the 7.5kg version should be fine for a 28.
Mike 27-Oct-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: What size Manson Plough Anchor for an RL28?
Thanks Mike.

I did look up the Manson web site and yes the 25LB is recommended, but they also recommend the 15LB too.

I also looked up the Delta anchor site and they suggest a 13lb Delta.

I will have to see if I can locate the Bruce rip off.

Thanks for the information.

Garry Beattie 28-Oct-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: What size Manson Plough Anchor for an RL28?
The 7.5 kg self aligning anchor is part # 164206 on the www.bla.com.au web site. You should be able to pick one up at a local boat dealer. You may have to wait for new stock to come in.
If they really dig in its just a matter of pulling from directly above and the stock acts as a lever. As with all anchors, plenty of chain helps hold the stock down.
Mike 10-Nov-2012    Edit    Delete 

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