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best vehicle to tow an RL 28
Anyone have any thoughts about pro and cons of using an automatic Toyota Landcruiser as opposed to a manual landcruiser
Michael Cowan 27-Oct-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: best vehicle to tow an RL 28
Hi Michael.

I have a 100 series Toyota Landcruiser Automatic and it works really well. I did a fair bit of research before I purchased it and it came down to a choice of the 4.7L V8 or the 4.5L six.
I specifically wanted the petol motor so that I could change it over to Gas, which I have done.

The guys at Toyota in Bundaberg then helped me with my choice of which 100 series to get. I naturally assumed the V8 model would have been best but the Toyota Tech guys in Melbourne said to buy the 6 cylinder model.

The reasons were that the 4.5L 6 cylinder petrol had a floating live axle (solid axle) whereas the 4.7L V8 had independent suspension.
This makes the V8 want to wonder a bit when a heavy load is being towed whereas the 6 Cyl would track true and straight. (The diesel model also had the independent suspension.

Also they said that while empty, the 6Cyl and V8 models have roughly the same fuel economy HOWEVER when you hook up a heavy towing load the V8 dramatically increases its fuel consumption whereas the 6Cyl only increases marginally.

As for Auto Vs Manual, I have not had any problems with my Auto. The only thing I would suggest is that you disengage the overdrive while towing.

I hope this helps.

Garry Beattie 28-Oct-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: best vehicle to tow an RL 28
The first tow vehicle i had in 1987 was a kombi!Seriously!Replaced that with a range rover,boat ramps were no problem then.
brad manski 26-Sep-2013    Edit    Delete 

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