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Painting Status 580 non-slip deck
My Status 580 deck is getting a bit tired looking and is not winning many admiring glances with it's faded lime green anti-slip decking.

I'm considering painting it a different colour and I'm wondering what type of paint and what method is recommended. I like and normally use International Paints on my dinghys and was considering using a Pearl Grey from their range.

Is it best to spray or brush it on? Would I have to apply interdeck (anti-slip grit) as well, or would the existing rough surface be adequate?

Thanks in advance,

Status 580, No. 70.
Pete 10-Dec-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Painting Status 580 non-slip deck
Grey like this..
Pete 10-Dec-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Painting Status 580 non-slip deck
I always believed that two part polyethylene was the best material for recoating gel coat, it is easy to brush on to a non skid surface, but, do not attempt to apply to a large smooth surface other than with spray equipment. You will find that one coat is enough and it will stay bright for many years.
Wash your deck off with a dishwashing detergent and use a scrubbing brush then rinse.
I recently tried one of the new water based polyethenes and found it difficult to use and it eequired several coats as coverage was bad.

Rob Legg 15-Dec-2012    Edit    Delete 

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