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Price on carbon mast and boom RL24
I received a very rough estimate on a carbon mast and boom for a RL 24. For a standard 8.3m mast and boom from CTech in NZ all up $3700 ish. Mast was $2700.00. Then add rigging onto this ( mast step , wires etc, etc. ) . There seems to be plenty of sports boats with carbon spars these days. I would be Interested to know if any of these would fit a RL 24 as it would be cheaper to purchase a standard mast ???
Anyone know the weight difference between the two? ( alu to carbon)
Luke Ratcliff 23-Jan-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Price on carbon mast and boom RL24
Hi mate,

I looked into a carbon mast a few years back to may be put on "chill ouat". At the time it was a few more $$$$$ than the prices you have quoted.

When the owner and I did the costing v gains a carbon rig was not worth it at this time. With the current class rules on sail area and mast high there is not that much advantage in a carbon rig. In the end of the day we would be only be saving 1 or 2 kgs in mast weight and adding more cost the the boat and over capitalizing. At the end of the day even the good boats are only worth $15 k tops in this market an a average boat is worth $10 - 12 k so a carbon rig is a little over the top at this stage.

The big advantage in a carbon rigs is that you can have a stiffer mast for the same weight which is great for bigger sail area.

Dave Pullin 2-Feb-2013    Edit    Delete 

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