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rl24 mast rake
Hi guys new comer to the RL 24 scene ,and need some advice on setting the rake on the mast , the book says 15cm from top to base, the question is if the boat is on the trailor how do i determin the correct level? thanks in advance, stokie
stokie 29-Mar-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 mast rake
Hi stokie,

First thing what mark RL24 do you have ?

Now does your boat have a boot top line ? If so you can use that to set the boat up level, just measure the line at the bow and then stern and level the boat up that way.

Dave Pullin 2-Apr-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 mast rake
Hi Stokie,
Thanks Dave for teaching me what a boot top line is ( ive always called it a waterline)
Stokie , wack 2 stakes in the ground at the stern and bow, with the top of the stakes higher than yr waterline ( if no painted line you should be able to see it still)
Attach a clear flexi plastic tube to the top of 1st stake , run it down to the ground, along to the 2nd stake and fix to the top of it also.
Fill it with water , but not right to the top .
Then you will have true level, from gravity, at bow and stern.
Then of course wind ya jockie wheel up or down to level her
Cheers Andy

Andy 3-Apr-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 mast rake
Thanks Dave @ Andy Never thought of that ,will give it a go on the weekend , got a feeling this might be the first of many more questions thanks again Stokie ps RL 24 Mk 1
stokie 4-Apr-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 mast rake
How about a spirit level on the top of the centreboard case?
Mike 8-Apr-2013    Edit    Delete 

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