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Any one intrested in Coffs Harbour race weekend ?

Hi guy's 

An one interested in trying to get a Coffs Harbour race weekend happening for the NSW and Queensland RL fleets ? 

Coffs is only a 4-5  hours drive for both fleets so it could be a ideal spot to have race weekend and some great sailing. There is also a few RL's that are raced in the northern rivers area as well that we may  be able to get out racing as well for a weekend at Coffs. 

 Most of the Queensland fleet will drive that to do the bay to bay in the next few weeks so the only difference is we are going south not north.

If we can make this work then the NSW fleet could try a race weekend south with the Vic fleet. It's a great way to start a travelers series and bring the RL fleets back together.

Dave Pullin 16-Apr-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Any one intrested in Coffs Harbour race weekend ?
Sounds like a great idea. My RL 24 is mostly set up for cruising, however I race it at Ballina. It would be great to race against other RL's in the area. Rod "Summerdream" RL 447
Rod Smith 23-Apr-2013    Edit    Delete 

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