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Which RL24 for racing
Hello RL24 sailors, For many years I have seen RL24's on the water and I've liked the look of the boat, I know there are MK 1, 2 & 3's and a drop keel version, any others?. I'm interested in purchasing a RL24 but which model will be competitive in racing with all things being equal sails rigg etc.
Stephen Churm 30-May-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Which RL24 for racing
The best RL 24 for racing is a Mk3.

Due to the variations in the rules a Mk3 can be upgraded with a skiff rig which does improve the ease of handling the yacht under pressure. And the skiff rig is a bit more efficient.

If you plan to sail in mixed fleets at club level the advice above is probably enough to start you shopping.

If you want to go full on into development and even sports boat type development then modifying an older Mk1 or 2 or 4 is probably the way to go.

There are so many things to consider, the big thing in a development yacht is getting the weight out of the ends, closing the engine well for improved flow and crew development. At the more extreme end of racing an RL24, its more like skiff racing than lightweight keel boat racing.

I bought a RL24 Mk4 for cruising then realised racing in the drop keel class was just too much work for an average sailor like myself. I love cruising in the Mk4 because the rig is so efficient.
Greg 30-May-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Which RL24 for racing
Ask Simon for info on drop keel and Darryn for info on swing keel. My advice in the drop keel class is by a boat already fitted with a modified keel , rudder and skiff rig. I'm not sure about the swing keel class. Good luck and see you at the nationals Lake Macquarie January 2014.
Luke ratcliff 30-May-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Which RL24 for racing
Thank you for all your feedback, I'll do some more research and try to view some RL24's around the Sydney area if there are some around.
Good sailing Stephen
stephen Churm 30-May-2013    Edit    Delete 
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Eromszoox    Edit    Delete 
Re: Which RL24 for racing
I have a standard factory Mk 4, not a modified swing keel.

The original keel and rudder configuration is exceptionally good.

My yacht was Kevin Troy's own yacht with the Holm brothers keel and rudder.

It works perfectly with the original skiff rig which is fitted with a fixed fore-stay and adjustable chain plates on each side that are hauled back down a track to bend the mast.

My advice if you want to go the drop keel path would be to find a sister yacht and put the molded North sails on it.

Yachts like Kandyman or any of the Mk4s with sail numbers in the 400s are a great start unless you are going to hack up a lighter Mk1 or Mk2.

I have a spare keel and rudder if you wish to take dimensions or make a mold from the Holm brother's sections.

Look at the RL24 photos from the 80s on this site and you will see some great sailors sailing great Mk4s very competitively.

I am not a great sailor but I have raced and I know enough to know a beautifully balanced efficient fast yacht when I own it.
Greg 1-Jun-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Which RL24 for racing
MK1, 2 or 4's can be made into competitive racers. MK4's will usually already have the skiff rig on them. With some guidance from the rest of the RL fleet and this website you could re rig an old MK1 or MK2 to be a competitive racer. I have a very competitive MK2 swing keel that I have fitted a gold spa mast and North sails to. The only other things that aren't standard is the rudder that I have changed over to a dagger setup and the fitting of a spinnaker shoot. My boat hasn't been cut too bits as may have been suggested was a requirement of a competitive MK1 or MK2 in earlier posts. These boats are good fun racers once a good rig is fitted and by keeping the weight down ie. don't carry any thing that is not needed
Darryn Dyer 2-Jun-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Which RL24 for racing
Thanks again for all your comments, it will be a bit of time before I actually purchase one, I have a boat to sell and a few other things to give up, but have always liked the RL24 and now I have more info to go on with. Good sailing Stephen
Stephen Churm 5-Jun-2013    Edit    Delete 

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