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Tiny Jib
The jib that came with my boat is about a foot+ or so shorter than the headstay. So the question is, which is more efficient, to run the jib all the way to the top and put the space on between the deck and the foot? or should it be as low as it can be, so it seals off the area between the deck and the foot, which leaves a lot of space between the leach and the mast?
Daveinet 3-Jun-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Tiny Jib
The other factor is how the gap effects the air flow into the slot, on the wind.By the way you did not say what type boat you have?

I can only suggest experimenting ideally with a speed log or timing over a set course.
john gray 5-Jun-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Tiny Jib
Its an RL24. I've always heard it said that the jib helps the air flow over the main. So that made me wonder if so much gap between the main and the jib reduced that benefit. Also the higher off the water, the faster the wind, so as long as it wasn't creating much heal, it would seem that getting the sail higher up would be better. However, I've also heard it said that sealing off the area between the foot and the deck is more efficient, because it keeps are from spilling off the foot. So that makes me wonder which is more efficient.
Daveinet 5-Jun-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Tiny Jib
It is more critical to have your sheeting angle and position correct than worry about the jib height on the fore stay. It is preferable to have it as low as possible, but Sometimes adjusting the jib up and down the forestay is required to get the sheeting angle right. This all depends on the cut of the sail and the location of the sheeting position on the cabin top. If you have a look through the Picture Gallery at the last few National Championships that were sailed you may get some more ideas on the jib sizes and sheeting location and Tack height. Sail #"s to look for are 500, 600,427,402,126,199,159. some have forestay showing down low, but most are right on the deck. These boats are all very competitive.
Darryn 5-Jun-2014    Edit    Delete 

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