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New owner to an RL 24 mk1 (Lady Jane Grey)
Good afternoon all.

My name is Quinton. My family and I just purchased an RL24 MK1 in Perth Australia. The boat was a bit dilapidated and I am in the process of getting her back to being tip top boat. I have really been supported by my fellow trailer sailors and hope to report back on some of the work and experiences of us on the boat. I have a limited budget after buying the boat but it seems there not to much by way of means of making her a safe boat.

All in all I will be taking her out on the swan a few times just to get the hang of things one step at a time. I have sailed a Micro sail and a few cats and a contender. So as a family I think it time to step it up to a bigger boat hence the RL24. I would love for my kids to get a love of sailing. I hope to continue the dialogue with other RL owners.

Some Questions:

1. Busy putting up guard rails for my kids and in need of a front pulpit, how do I get one?
2. I would love to get pictures of other RL 24 Mk 1 rigging as mine has been changed and I'm not sure were things go?
3. I don't have any documentation with the yacht? Did it come out with any manuals ect?


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