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28 Keel Fairing
Anyone got any experience of re coating the keel in what I presume is a resin fairing material on the eye of the keel and the horn?

I dropped my keel out last weekend due to corrosion and some glassed in prehistoric oysters stopping the blade from dropping more than 25%

The blade is severely corroded and the blaster recommends taking away much of this material. Anyone got any advice on what it is, is it to keep the blade snug in the box when its down and how to re apply it? I'm hoping he's going to leave few patches of it so I can re establish the correct thickness of the coating.

The keel handling device worked a treat, thanks Rob, I found that lowering it onto a pallet worked well with regard to forking it onto the trailer.

Any advice or thoughts appreciated.
Ian D 4-Aug-2014    Edit    Delete 

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