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Spinnakers in Bay to Bay race
Hi All.
I notice in the B2B pics some RL24s are running way oversize spinnakers and I notice in the results that some RLs have a higher CBH. Would I be right in linking these 2 things together and assuming that most of the higher CBHs are due to bigger spinnakers?

Peter Mosbey 26-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spinnakers in Bay to Bay race
Whilst the YA CBH list is not what the Bay to Bay used to use. As it is largely a downhill race the B2B committee used to formulate their own ratings for that race alone.
I would expect to see different CBH's for swing keel and drop keel versions of any trailer boat; are you sure this is not the difference you see?
Some boats will always try on using bigger than class size spinnakers in a down hill race but the penalty apart from difficulty in control on some points of sail is the possibly of disqualification particularily if they score well!!!

Check here;
john gray 29-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spinnakers in Bay to Bay race
Thanks John, Iím well across the ATYSBR. Iím our clubís handicapper.
And no, Iím pretty sure the modified ratings have nothing to do with keel shape. The spinnakers in the pics are way too big to get away with when there are other RL owners present.
I was hoping to hear from one of the boat owners in question to help with my own problem.
Iíve recently purchased an RL which only has an undersize and an oversize spin. Iíve been using the undersize one which is a real pain (the class size is tiny enough as it is).
Iím just trying to figure out a fair CBH for my big spin in mixed class racing.
Cheers, Peter

Peter Mosbey 2-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spinnakers in Bay to Bay race
RL,s with oversized spinnakers would show on the list of entrants as RL24SKM, the M being for modified.
Based on the sail area, the B to B handicapper makes an adjustment to the handicap.
The practice goes back (I think) to the days when many RLK owners also sailed 16 ft skiffs. The small skiff kite does a great job on an RL.
I'm pretty sure that owners with oversized kites are noting the sail area on the entry form.
Mike 3-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spinnakers in Bay to Bay race
Why not write to the B2B committee and ask them?
I found them open and friendly when I dealt with them.
john gray 12-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 

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