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Thanks Queenslanders but we could do with more!
Thanks to the 9 Queensland boats who have already entered for the National Championships at RQYS in Jan. Great to have your support. It is 30 years since we have had 20+ boats at the RL24 Nationals, this is shaping up to be one of our best turn outs in 30 years if we can get a few more entries. I believe "Chill Ouat" is coming and still to enter which would make 18 entries, so all we need is another couple of entries to crack the 20 boats. If anyone in QLD & NSW can rustle up some more of their RL24 Mates to enter we could actually make it. Lets make this the best RL24 week (Nationals) for 30 years.
Darryn 5-Dec-2014    Edit    Delete 

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