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Mast information & trailer drawing

I bought "The Four Winds" RL28 2 years ago in thailand and did a total refit.
Since i was really enjoying sailing with friends and my 2 years old daughter But yesterday we loose the 37 years old mast.... did anyone have a nice drawing of it or any replacing solution (other mast model, e.i) ? I can work with Rolly Tasker in thailand to make a new one but i will prefer to find a cheapest solution.

I would also build a launching trailer, did anyone have a drawing (any trailer drawing will help a lot)?

Thanks for your help

Gwen Bardou 23-May-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Mast information & trailer drawing
HI have modified existing trailer to suit RL28 drive on drive off should still have all dimensions. have sent email advise if not received. original mast dimensions too . cheers Phil
Phil 24-May-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Mast information & trailer drawing
thanks for your answer Phill
I haven't receive the file but i did received your mail.
I have sent you a direct email to make it easier.
Gwen 24-May-2016    Edit    Delete 

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