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Spreader setup
I wonder if Darryn or someone else could explain this from the tuning RL 24 article.
Are to be fixed (no movement) set up with 50mm poke and 50mm rake on the side stays (with the mast set up as above in the Rake section). After setting the spreaders up you will need to force the stays out of line into the spreaders.

And is it similar for the Status mast setup?
john gray 18-Jun-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spreader setup
John, I haven't studied the mast set up of the Status at all however looking over the photos on the website they appear to have a straight section oval mast. The mast set up described on the RL24 section of the website is for the Skiff style rig adapted to the RL24's by North Sail's Michael Coxon in the 80's and has been further enhanced since then. This skiff style flexible mast is a round section with a 2 piece tapper. I don't believe this tunning tip would be the same for the Status.
Darryn 19-Jun-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spreader setup
Just as a side note Darryn...how have the rigs been improved I'm assuming from the setup details listed....is the mast shorter than the 8.15m for example...longer? etc. It would be great to see some more technical info available to the likes of myself as I'm somewhat isolated...however I can travel to view a handful of boats.
Matt 19-Jun-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spreader setup
Matt, from the original skiff set up in the 80's till now there has only been minor changes to the set up of the rake and the shroud pressure on the spreader. The basic mast set up remains the same. These changes have developed to accommodate the newer sail shapes. The newer sail shapes have incorporated more roach than the early sail plans even to the extent of a couple of boats carrying flat top or fat head mainsails. We have always made the mast as long as possible within the class rules 8.3 Metres off the deck, so yes about 8.15 metres is the mast length, just depends on you step height. You can see some very minor differences in the setup on this website from the original letter from Michael Coxon to the updated version that I put up a couple of years ago. Michael's (1980's)under "Skiff Rig and Sail setup" and mine (2010)under "Tuning your RL24 for best performance" on the "RL24 features" page. Are you the Matt from the hatch slides below.
Darryn 19-Jun-2016    Edit    Delete 
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Eromszoox    Edit    Delete 
Re: Spreader setup
I am about to set up a 16 foot skiff no2 mast into a status 580

Can any one the explain the words poke and rake in regards to mast and spreader set up here.

john gray 28-Jul-2016    Edit    Delete 

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