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RL34 keel stiff
the keel released down easily. But when trying to retract the keel it was really stiff, to the point I didn't feel comfortable using the hand winch any more. The hydraulic fluid container was full. Not sure what to do now, short of pulling it out of the water. Can I find some schematics of the keels construction. Or any ideas what might be casing the stiffness. Thanks
Scott taylor 27-Jul-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL34 keel stiff
Below is the only cause and solution that I can think of,

Your RL34 centerboard sits on a fiberglass lip at the forward and aft ends of the case, this lip is part of the original hull molding and overhangs the slot in the outer keel by about 25 mil. This is what the drop centerboard sits on when fully down.
With wear over the years and the boat has run aground or hit hard some object, then it is possible for the forward top of the drop centerboard to severely damage the forward lip, then the forward end of the drop centerboard could end up below the lip, hence the possibility that the board will not retract

The possible solution could be to force the board bottom aft, and lift it at the same time.

A last minute thought! Had you checked to see if the cable has worn the sheave and jammed between the sheave and the side of the block?
Rob Legg 27-Jul-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL34 keel stiff
My mother, N Drinan is currently on the boat and bleieves the reason the keel is still is being caused by the Pulley being off the sheave??? She has taken the table top off and plate .. but still cannot see the pulley and if it is off the sheave .. Is there a way to refit this without pulling the boat out of the water???
Norma also posted the next discussion, so any responce to help identify this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Scott 11-Aug-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL34 keel stiff
It seems by your description that your drop keel raising system is not standard, and it would be a help if you could either take a photo or make a sketch of what you have. Without that information it is difficult to help.
Rob Legg 13-Aug-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL34 keel stiff
Hi so if keel is jammed down because the keel has gone down past 25mm stops any ideas as to how it can be unjammed to enable it to go up !
Rob vare 17-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 

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