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additions to RL24 family outings
So would love to know what things you all have added to you boat to make it a little more comfortable in some areas aspecialy for fishing family outings overnights and general sailing.

I have 1 wife 2 kids and 2 dogs. So war we go out for the weekend and i take all with get the main up but often just motor arround and anchor and do some fishing.

Have 2 rod holders in the back from pvc pipe. Have a colman camping stove that fits nicely on the back seat. I have made rod holders allong the top in the cabin so there out of the way. I have a bimini on the back to keep the sun down. Have small press light in the bunks under the seats less scary for them. Love to hear some of your mods ?
Quinton Smith 19-Oct-2016    Edit    Delete 

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