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Non slip deck pattern.....
Probably a question for Rob as such....

I was wondering what was used to generate the the patten in the gelcoat when the deck / cockpit areas were cast and more importantly is it available in some sort of fashion so a new area of glass work can have a similar non-slip pattern to the rest of the boats deck areas.

Aside from taking a mould directly from the existing deck areas and then casting up new glass work onto the mould which seems like a huge job...... a simpler way must be available


Kingy 1-Nov-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Non slip deck pattern.....
Now you are rather stretching my memory as that was over 40 years ago.
I do remember buying a roll of "Nautolex" non skid flooring material from I think it was Clark Rubber,and later seeing it in a local marine chandlers , so I would suggest you take a photograph of your deck pattern and try the chandlers first and see if they can match it.
Be sure to use some mould release on the fabric before laying up.
Rob Legg 1-Nov-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Non slip deck pattern.....
Many thanks Rob.....

Nothing wrong with the memory mate, you nailed it perfectly.
The nautolex is still available commercially in Australia which was a huge surprise.

I've contacted a couple of suppliers for a few samples to get the right pattern.

Cheers anf thank you kindly for your time and memory recall

Kingy 2-Nov-2016    Edit    Delete 

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