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Flow in bilge
Could someone mperhaps enlighten me about the following: we have a little water coming in through our shaft seal (we have an inboard shaft diesel). This is normal. As far as We have worked out the water is supposed to flow between the cabin floor and hull to the area under the toilet where the bilge pump is. Is that correct? In our case it does not seem to flow as the area where the bilge pump Is, is perfectly dry and the water comes out a round 3/4 in hole in the cabin floor just in front of the kitchen (this hole has a plug which does not stop the water though). Could anyone explain me how this water flow between aft and front in the bilge is supposed to work and how to fix it if it is indeed clogged. Cheers, joost
Joost herweijer 17-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Flow in bilge
I did watch my RL being built but it was in 1984 so the memory is faded somewhat. However I do recall a channel from aft of the galley under the icebox that led to the bilge. There is a moulding in the galley area that it has to flow under. Under the seat adjacent to the galley there is no moulding so this is where I fitted my log which squirted water when I removed it to clean it until I could insert the plug. That water flowed unrestricted under the moulding beside the table and into the bilge, so this is a good place to check for blockages too.

BTW I fitted a cupboard door into the bulkhead beside the galley into the under-seat space which provided great storage for kitchen stuff.

No doubt there were changes to the boats over the years and many boats were fitted out by owners so are all different, but firstly it might be an idea to remove the icebox and see that there is no blockage at the edge of the galley moulding. My RL often had a build up of crud there. Then run some water under the seat adjacent to the galley and see that the channel is clear from there to the bilge. These gaps were not large so I could imagine a build up of dust and fluff over the years could block them. Unfortunately it is quite a long run from under the cockpit to the bilge to try and clean out.

I did not have a plugged hole like you refer to so I can't suggest what it might have been for.

Perhaps someone with more relevant experience could help with suggestions on how to fix the blocked bilge.

Keith Merkley 19-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Flow in bilge
One of those things I should never have forgotten! You should find a drainage sump that starts approx (just guessing now) about 15cm aft of the keel case and on the center line. It measures about 15cm wide, 10 cm deep and runs aft for 20cm. If your boat had been factory finished it would have a manual bilge pump fitted inside the port cockpit locker with a hose running thru to the sump.
Rob Legg 20-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Flow in bilge
Rob: My boat has indeed the hand bilge pump in the cockpit locker. I'll check for the sump just aft of the keel. Could you confirm that there should be a connection all the way from the inboard motor compartment (I can see a little pip starting there) under the galley floor to this sum?


joost herweijer 25-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Flow in bilge
There should be a clear passage all the way from the transom to the aft sump, we never installed any conventional inboard drive motors, only Volvo sail drives, so it is possible that whoever installed your motor either never left a waterway through the thawt wise engine bed construction, or failed to clean up properly after construction, and now the drainage is blocked.
Rob Legg 26-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Flow in bilge
Thanks again Rob. I'll check with another boat at the club (which has the sail drive) how it looks there and see if there is anything I can do at the water flow under the galley.
joost herweijer 26-Jan-2017    Edit    Delete 

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