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Keel Weight
Riddle me this....
Looking at options to increase my keel weight.
A.My brain working overtime,has come up with drill largish maybe 100mm diameter with a holesaw 5 or 6 maybe, and refilling these holes with lead.
B.Find a Mk2 keel...

Crazy?? Merit?? What's your opinion?
Matt 18-Feb-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Weight
Ok...having done a little bit more research....
What would be the chances of finding a Mk2 swing keel...

Does anyone know of any wrecks or a converted drop keel that may still have the swing keel?

Any leads would be appreciated...
Matt 20-Feb-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Weight
You may want to just add weight along the side of the keel in the hull. Its not uncommon for up to a third of the ballast weight to be in the hull. The RL is a flat bottom boat. This means the initial stability is provided by the hull weight, rather than the keel weight. Weight in the bottom of the keel only helps after you are well heeled over. If the goal is to sail the boat flat, weight in the hull will do nearly as much as weight in the bottom of the keel.
Daveinet 20-Feb-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Weight
Thanks Dave
I think possibly the earliest version of keel, 100kg in weight and obviously smaller in secion than the following versions.
The boat heals excessively in my opinion and I'm being out pointed by all other boats I've come across so far.
The fact the it heals more is only compounding the problem of the narrowness of the keel as the boat slips a long way leeward.
Matt 21-Feb-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Weight
Or does anyone have the chord length of the later model keels, swing or drop?
Matt 21-Feb-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Weight
Hey Matt, just a thought, have you checked that your keel is definitely going all the way down? I have experienced similar concerns at times only to find that the keel was not all the way down. It wasn't up by much but it made a big difference to pointing and leeward slip of the boat. Mine is a MKII. Also I have done what you were thinking with the lead, its not worth the hassle the weight gain is minimal. There's not that much different between lead and cast iron using the quantities involved.
Darryn 28-Feb-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Weight
Cheers Darryn
The more I thought about that idea of drilling and leading filling, the more I went off it for that reason.
Got a few things to upgrade on the boat first to test any differences, we'll start with the simple stuff first.
Matt 1-Mar-2017    Edit    Delete 

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