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RL28 unequal performance on opposite tacks
Just got the first few races in the new tub under my belt with mixed results and plenty of work still to do. My main concern is an alarming difference in performance on opposite tacks when close hauled especially. On one tack the boat is lively and responsive, powers up well and I'm able to resist the tendency to round up. Speed and height seem good. On the other tack it's like a different boat. Slow and sluggish, unable to resist even the slightest tendency to round up and unable to point.
Assuming the rig is central and perpendicular to the beam, which I think it is but will check, I can only think it's either a rudder or more likely a keel problem.
Anyone else experienced similar issues ?
Robin 15-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 unequal performance on opposite tacks
Another place to look may be something heavy like a water tank being located off-centre so that the boat heels more easily to one side. If you have a heavy outboard on a bracket, even that could do it, especially if it drags in the water on one tack.
Matthew Francis 18-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 unequal performance on opposite tacks
Robin is this with your new mainsail ?
Was it the same on previous sailings ?
was it weedy?
Obviously rig tensions need to be equal , have you the d2's rig ?
My approach would be outside racing , while sailing it flat , try balancing the helm with sailplan then steer by gently heeling the boat to weather bear off and to leeward to round up that would tell you something about where the problem is.
I know this can sometimes be wave set induced often boats feel like they sail better on one tack than the other but often its caused by different conditions and more subtle than the extent you describe
shane 19-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 

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