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re finishing non skid areas on rl28
I am about to fit some new deck hardware but My decks are looking a little patchy after so many years in the elements and I feel they could do with some work
The non skid areas are a blue colour and appear to be original Gelcoat , would that be correct ?
They seem to have faded inconsistently , it seems a good time to do this before fitting the hardware so would like to prep wash , mask and paint with the same Pacific blue with a Hempel gloss enamel .
Have anyone had similar experience and any suggestion on the best way to go about doing this .
PS they are not quite as bad as they look in the photo must have been the file / image compression
shane 22-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: re finishing non skid areas on rl28
Hi, our boat was painted when we got it, first with gloss paint I'm told but the owner found it too dangerous then with the paint you add an abrasive to (sand?). its was all very patchy and 'orrible.
Jules at Boating and RV tingalpa/Capalaba recommended a product called Kiwi Grip which is painted on then uses a stiple roller to lift the surface giving a nonslip finish. I have had this down for 3+ years and had no problems with it. the result can be seen in the photo gallery under my name.
Cheers Martyn Peasey
martyn 22-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: re finishing non skid areas on rl28
Thanks Martyn , your RL looks fantastic and that kiwigrip looks the goods.
Mine is looking a bit bare so thinking its a good time to do it , just a pain being so far away 5.5 hr drive . Perhaps that is a good thing otherwise nothing would get done at home .
shane 23-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 

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