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What should I watch out for on an RL24?
My apologies if this has been asked here before, (I suspect it has, but couldn't find it), but I've managed to finally convince my wife that I need a trailer sailer, and I've been offered an RL24 that looks promising. I'm going to go around and have a look this week, but I was wondering if there was anything in particular I should look out for? In particular, has there been any known problems with softness in the deck/hull due to issues with the plywood core? And anything in particular to watch out for on the keel? I'm not sure if it is a MK1 or 2, but I'm guessing a MK1.

I'm looking forward to seeing the boat, although I don't expect it to be in anything like perfect condition. Back when I was very young my father almost purchased an RL24 but instead went for the Austral 20, and I've always been curious about what the RL would have been like if he'd chosen that. I do have experience sailing, (mostly OTB cats and larger cruising keelboats), and I helped build an 18" lapstrake ply dinghy, so I know my way around the deck and I figure I can do at least some restoration work, but the RL24 is very new to me.
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Re: What should I watch out for on an RL24?
Most old RL24s are on stuffed rusty or painted trailers.

Repairing these trailers is not viable and buying a new trailer is more than most RL24s are worth.

My advice is if the trailer frame is not in good galvanised condition, walk away.

Most owners who let the trailers deteriorate are not likely to do proper maintenance on the yacht. A stuffed trailer is an indication the yacht has been neglected.

Better to save your money to buy a good RL24 with a good trailer than buy a stuffed yacht then waste your money and time trying to get it into sailable condition. Even when finished a refit, it won't be worth the money and time wasted getting it afloat.
greg 5-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: What should I watch out for on an RL24?
That makes a lot of sense - thanks! The trailer looks good from what little I saw of it in the photos, but it won't be certain until I can see it properly.
Adam 5-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: What should I watch out for on an RL24?
Check for rot in the bulkhead around the engine well and cockpit lockers, this allows water to get under cockpit floor. Cracks in cockpit floor, most have these but some are worse than others and will eventually need some attention, not too hard to replace a cockpit floor. Check that the keel is free in the centre case. Have seen where the boat has sat for years and the keel has never had any maintenance, so it sits in the case growing rust until it jambs itself in the case. Also check out the Face book pages https://www.facebook.com/RL24Sailing/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/1221397887928902/
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Re: What should I watch out for on an RL24?
One I've seen on a few occasions....

Mast length.
Should be 8.3 metres in length, however there are a few with cut-down masts from other boats and these often measure around the ~7.2m mark.... the reason they use other masts it the replacement cost if you break a mast, not much change out of 7K !!!!
A new set of sails is going to set you back around the 3k mark so cheap compared to a new mast.

As others said.... trailers arent cheap so check it over throughly.

Dont be frightened to get right under the boat and check the keel out, and if possible the wire that lifts/lowers the keel.

These are well built boats but like anything care and maintenance will show between a loved boat and an un-loved boat, look for new fittings and upgrades and general working condition.... expect a couple of grand to refit the deck hardware.

Stress fractures....
Remember these arent new boats and they will have some signs of age, stress fractures will show around the motor mount bulkhead and the keelcase near the hinge pin in a swing keeled boat.

As said .... get onto the FB group, post pics and ASK the questions

Good luck

Kingy 12-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 

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