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Hoist for RL28
Hi , I would like to organise a hoist for my RL28 to carry out antifoul and check the condition of the swing keel .

see in the gallery a few photos of them being lifted but would be keen to hear anyones tried and true methods .

I see Robin aka QE3 has used some based on 2 hi lift 4wd jacks but unsure of the method he described on the subject .

From another place
"A kind friend of mine lent me his hoist. It's a fairly elaborate but straight forward system. You reverse the trailer up some ramps, shove the big beam under the bum. The front beam is threaded through under the hull up the front and raised up within the tripod braces using 4wd jacks"

Must be missing something here as i dont get this bit
"The front beam is threaded through under the hull up the front"

shane 20-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hoist for RL28
A bit o information about where you are located would help.

Most marine workshops have a hoist and cradles of some sort.
greg 20-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hoist for RL28
Thanks Greg , i am located Colac Victoria and plan to do the job on my own property on this occasion although in future having something portable would have benefits .
I have plenty of suitable timber to build a gantry type but it would not be so mobile , the type robin described see pic looks the goods apart from understanding the method of threading the beam under the front while still on the trailer.
shane 20-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hoist for RL28
Ok. I have just done this again in a similar way but without the hilift jacks.
However, a word of caution to serve as a disclaimer. This is no easy task. My boat weighs about 2000 kg almost empty. That's a lot of weight to fall on your foot, or worse. A boat yard will charge about $280 to lift the boat on and off and between $50 - $70 a day on the hard stand. However for personal reasons I decided to do this at home in my driveway, I don't know, maybe there is something wrong with me.
It is a bit hard to describe Shane, do we have each others email addresses, it would be easier to talk on the phone.
Basically the 2 main considerations are to get the stern high enough to get a basically super strong saw stool under it, and to be able to raise the front of the boat high enough so the transverse beam supporting the front will clear the trailer as it is removed. You reverse the boat up some car ramps and place a support under the stern. Leave the car attached to the trailer. The boat is still balanced by the wobble rollers on the trailer. Now you jack the front of the boat up, off the trailer. This is when it will need securing as the wobble rollers stop doing anything. As soon as you start lifting the bow the boat will start to come off the trailer. I used a bottle jack on a stack of sole plates, lift, chock, lift, chock, until you are able to pass the front support bean between the boat and the trailer.
The beauty of the hilift system is you can raise the beam and the boat to clear the wobble rollers, mud guards etc. This time I had to raise the boat all the way with the jack as I can't really adjust the beam once the boat is on it. This was a bit of a pain with a range of movement of only about 200 mm with each lift.

robin 23-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hoist for RL28
This may not suit you but here is another option to consider:
I roll my RL28 off the trailer every year to antifoul.
I simply winch her back on the trailer (by placing a block on the trailer frame under the swing keel area to run the winch cable through). When the front of the trailer lifts the back of the keel rests on a 150mm block of wood. I continue to place more blocks under the keel and a large tyre topped with some foam camping mats amidships on either side while winching her off.
In the past I have done this on the lawn and rolled the boat to one side side using just 3-4 mats (on top of each other) to rest her on. I then chocked the keel up higher (150-200mm). I then dug a small hole for the centreboard to drop into.
To do all this it is best to have a compressor and 4x4 2 ton air lift bag. If I don't when the boat is on her side I need about 4-5 people to get her upright again.
With the air bag I can do it all myself!
It has never been an issue for me but something to watch for is the trailer shooting out from under the boat, the first time I left the trailer connected to the car but have found it works better to use a rope connecting the trailer and car to pull the trailer out a metre at a time checking as I go.
I have taken her off the trailer every year for the last 10 years to antifoul.
Obviously you do this at your own risk and your trailer may b different to mine and may react differently so if you attempt it, think it through!!
Maybe tie a line or two from the back of the trailer to the back of your boat as a precaution to stop the trailer shooting out.
Jason 25-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hoist for RL28
Thanks Both Jason and Robin your techniques give me confidence i can get the job done one way or another . I will post some pics when i do the lift.
shane 27-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 

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