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anchor winch / RL28
Hi All,
I'm getting old, I can still sail my boat and launch and retrieve it and associated stuff but I also like to spend a few days on her cruising around the Bay.
Problem, arthritis is making it difficult to get the anchor up!
has anyone fitted and anchor winch to a 28, looked in tips and mods but couldn't find anything.
Oh I bet Gary Beattie has.
martyn 30-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
Martyn, if you are anchoring on sand or mud, you may be better with a newer high performance anchor.


I use a Fortress FX7 with 3/16 chain and 9mm nylon line which reduces the weight of the tackle to 3kg for anchoring in shallow waters.

For the RL28, a Fortress FX11 would be ample for use with sand and mud.

My Fortress anchor has done fantastic work in some challenging winds. Be aware all high performance anchors bury themselves deep so breaking them out when leaving can take some time. In Whitsunday's mud it took many minutes with the bow over the anchor before the anchor released itself. When it reached the surface, it had a lump of mud that would fill a wheelbarrow which demonstrated it penitration and the need to be patient pulling the anchor out. The mud quickly washed off and we were underway.

Don't think the Fortress anchors are a compromise in sand and mud,there are various tests linked on the Fortress site where the lighter alloy anchor held better than heavier high performance anchors.

I'm certain the Fortress FX11 will hold better than your current tackle on sand and mud. On hard bottoms with coral, you still need a heavier high performance anchor.

Try a Fortress FX11 with the tackle recommended by Fortress and you might avoid the need for an anchor winch. You might get an anchor winch and keep the fortress.

greg 1-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
You could try either one of these


Met a bloke at Paynesville on a 28 called The Dinghy who put the second one on his boat and he loves it. He can raise /lower the anchor from the cockpit.
Cheers John RL28 Pinnaroo
john lloyd 1-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
you can see one fitted to a 28 in the above article :Mast Raising System for an RL28 - Kingsley & Kay White.
Jason 2-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
Thanks Guys, I don't have a problem with holding power, in fact the opposite, cant lift the b...dy thing!
Thanks Jason I didn't notice the one on Rings & Things. Some more ideas to ponder.
Martyn 3-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
Martyn, my point was you only need to lift about 4 kg with the Fortress anchor and tackle.

That should be a lot less stressful than your current anchor and chain.

Many people don't believe the lighter Fortress anchors can provide the holding power of heavy anchors and heavy chain.
greg 4-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
Hi Greg, thanks for the thoughts, my problem is in my hands, so pulling anything up is very hard work. My friend has a winch on his boat so I guess I'm sufuring from winch envy, it sure does make it easier, especially single handed.
Cheers Martyn
martyn 5-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
Martyn, understood.

Still consider the lighter anchor and tackle if your on sand and mud because it lowers the load on the winch which also lowers the current when raising the anchor.
Of course the chain and rope will probably be sized to suit the winch.

The Fortress uses a lot less chain because the anchor digs in quickly and deep.
greg 6-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: anchor winch / RL28
Get a windlass, you won't look back. With a remote control they are super convenient. I'm planning to install a horizontal above deck windlass but , I'll be, I just haven't got round to it yet. This will involve partially covering the anchor well which is a pity but you can't have everything. At least the bloody seagulls won't be able to nest in my anchor well any more !
Remember you still need to break the tackle out of the ground no matter how heavy it is or how much chain you have.
robin 6-Dec-2017    Edit    Delete 

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