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Galley water tank
Help I have a leak in the galley water tank on my'28. I really would prefer not to remove the panel in the actual galley area, should I cut the seating area the cover the tank, will that allow me access?
martyn26-Feb-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Galley water tank
Hi Martin , I have recently removed the partial bulkhead that covers the end of the seat and gives access to the water tank , I removed it to open up the area and am very happy with the result , no plan to reinstall it.
I would not be cutting the seat to get to the tank if I were you , have you any idea where the leak is ?
shane27-Feb-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Galley water tank
Mine was thus when I got it. I took it out to change fill & outlet hoses and clean it, apart from that no problems.
Robin28-Feb-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Galley water tank
THanx Robin, that was exactly the photo I was looking for. Will go ahead with Glee and Gusto!
martyn1-Mar-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Galley water tank
The previous owner of my boat completely removed the galley water tank and seat/b/hd which really opened up the area at the bottom of the companionway. To compensate he installed two 50ltr plastic caravan watertanks right aft under the cockpit where there is a great big void begging to be used. The tanks are linked together and plumbed to the sink via a two way valve which allows selecting either the aft tanks or the 100ltr tank under the v-berth.I have a 12v inline pump as well as a manual pump and when I need to empty the tanks I just run them into the sink and overboard.
I don't trail the boat with full tanks, but they do allow me peace of mind when cruising as well as being great ballast when sailing solo.
Cheers John
john lloyd8-Mar-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Galley water tank
Thanks John, food for thought. I have a post on the end of that bulkhead which is very useful on entry to the cabin, but disregarding the original and mounting more back there sounds more attractive. I also have an advantage in that direction in that I have a hatch in the cockpit floor which gives easy access to that area!
martyn8-Mar-2018    Edit    Delete 

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