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Replying to:Bay to Bay 2018 race report by Paul Lincoln
Bay to Bay. Race report below thanks to Paul Lincoln on "Dopamine" The annual Qld RL24 convention was held over the may long weekend with the B to B included in the program. A lone 28,1 DK, the RL8 'Beyond 2000' (circa 2018) and 14 SK's made for 17 Rob Legg designs in a fleet of 120. Once again the sk's were the largest single class competing. Proceedings opened early friday evening with the national launch of 'THE NOBLE GOAT'. This humdinger of a rum was flown in direct from croppa creek especially for the occasion. 'Touche' was centre stage and the faithfull duly made the pilgramage and in no time spongebob and jabbajaw were in full mode. The debut of 'whatever' had stirred the local fleet.Some boats were noticeably higher in the water, 'Hartbeat' had a new kite and 'Touche' was still sporting last years fast rags. As well as Darryn and the victorians - no, not a rock band - 'Chill Oaut' was back, 'Sequoia' joined in and Colin Kay,after a huge effort,arrived with 'Beyond 2000'. 'Costalot' reappeared with an interesting double spreader rig. The Racing - a soft easterly at the start saw 'Whatever' and 'Dopamine' clear the pack who struggled in disturbed air off the line. The leg to Inskip Point saw the breeze go S.E. and slowly build to 10 - 12 kts. Kites up and 'Whatever' and 'Dopamine' were locked together. Out to windward an RL with a masthead kite ? 'Costalot', now the rig made sense. 'Slyfox', 'Sequoia','Chill Oaut' and 'Canuk' were all pressing hard on the leaders. No way through to leeward, 'Dopamine' worked up and over 'Whatever's' stern to slide into the lead. An empty can throw was the difference. After mark 'b' 'Dopamine' squared away and stretched her lead, but the 'vic's' were always lurking. The bulk of the pack had used the same roll of sticky tape and were stuck together having their own dogfights but were unable to make ground on the leaders. 'Costalot' with her hectare's of spinnaker was 1st home just in front of 'Dopamine' with 'Whatever' a close 3rd. Next home in quick order, 'Slyfox' 'Sequoia' 'Canuk' 'Chill Oaut' 'Dipsomaniac' 'Apache' 'Touche' 'Steelaway' 'Hartbeat; 'Eileen' 'Easybeat'. Apology's if i have that in the wrong order. 'THE NOBLE GOAT' made an encore appearance at the saturday afternoon matinee raft-up, smoothly going down with the setting sun. Pikey's science experiment of cooking sausages on a metho stove worked however he needed more than 6 to feed the crew ! Thankfully aunty kath's lamb chop stew took up the slack and fed one and all. This was followed by aunty kath's rocky road, time for the snapps.....Around midnight wind and tide stopped the snoring and boats were forced to peel off for better anchoring and smoother water. Sunday's 0730 start was cold and gusty from the S.E. A strong ebb tide with following wind made guessamating your run to the line a challenge. A good kite set on 'Whatever' had them out to an early lead from the mob. 'Huey' gusted in and 'Costalot's' big kite took control. The hugo boss keel walk saved the situation and it was sometime before the washing was off the line ! After the right turn to Whitecliffs other race boats tested the bottom without success. 'Whatever' still led from 'Dopamine' with 'Slyfox' and 'Dipsomaniac' closing. The rain arrived, the wind eased to 5 knts and the vic's extended to over 500 nautical meters. Through the gate and the wind was increasing from the S.E. 'Dopamine' gybed over and away from 'Whatever's' line. 'Dipso' followed suit and were making inroads on the leaders. 'Dopamine' gybed again and with better angle the bearing on the vic's was closing. The wind was building and it was great sailing with some terrific rides. Hard on the vic's stern 'Dopamine' ran square for separation and eased through to lead and worked hard to cut the umbilical cord. Astern of us, carnage. Broken rigs, capsized boats and swampings. 'Beyond 2000' lost her rig, 'Hartbeat's' crew decided to leave ship and 'Touche' stood by for assistance. 'Easybeat' hove to for a vessel in distress and for her effort awarded the 'Bob Maslen Memorial Trophy' A short fetch to the finish and 'Whatever' with better speed climbed over 'Dopamine' to cross some 30 seconds in front. 'Dipsomaniac' was third after a great 2nd day on the water. A fantastic weekend of class racing by all the RL's, fast rides and tall stories. A "must do " event. A big thanks to Darryn and Mitch for making the long haul, the close racing and showing off the latest in a boat awning ! After almost 7 hours of racing, the difference - 36 seconds. RESULTS - Two Fish RL28 - RL challenge Trophy 1st PBH div 4 Dopamine RL24 sk - 1st CBH o/all 1st CBH div 3 1st CBH class Whatever RL24 sk - 2nd CBH o/all 2nd CBH div 3 2nd CBH class Costalot RL24 sk m - 3rd PBH div 3 2nd PBH class KD RL24 dk m - 2nd PBH div2 3rd PBH class Apache RL24 sk - The Munjai Cup Honorary Mention - THE NOBLE GOAT.