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rl 28 replacement keel lift pin
I am refurbishing the keel on my rl 28 at the moment and would like to remove the lifting rod from the keel. I believe it uses a peened over stainless pin. Being unfamiliar with this sort of fixture my questions are:
1) Where am I likely to buy such a pin?
2) What tools are needed to fix it securely back on the keel?
3)Or are there alternative pins/fixtures that people have used?
Any help gratefully received.

Mark Dedman 6-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl 28 replacement keel lift pin
Hi Mark
A peaned over pin is just a straight pin that hashad both ends hammered over to a slight mushroom shape so that the pin won't fall out. You can make your own by putting a bit of s/s rod in a vice and burring one end then inserting it into where you need it and holding a dolly on one end burr the other end to keep it in place. In reality it's just a large rivet.
Cheers John

john lloyd 8-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl 28 replacement keel lift pin
Thanks John. Its sort of what i thought
. The pin that is currently in the keel looks like the end is tubular and the edges are neatly curled outwards. I will have a fiddle with some stainless rod and see how i go. Fairly critical pin, wouldn't want it to fail. Cheers Mark
MARK DEDMAN 9-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 

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