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Hello, can anyone tell me what the deck core material is in an RL28?
Jason 9-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Core
Looks to me like some sort of ply, beyond that don't know.
Robin 10-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Core
Plywood it is!
I'm in the process of removing the core in the deck where the pullpit bolts through to stop the core compacting when I bolt it down.
Was going to fill it with epoxy and Q/Cell (light weight filler) or should I be putting some chopped strand mat in it?
Jason 11-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Core
Epoxy filler should be fine. Plenty strong enough, all in compression anyway.
Robin 12-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: Core
Thanks for your reply Robin.
Jason 12-Jun-2018    Edit    Delete 

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