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URGENT Status 580 needed for world championships training.
URGENT! Do you have a Status 580 that could be used for World Championship training at or near Brisbane?

Mark Adam Smith has entered the 1st World Deaf Championship as Australia's representative. The competition is sponsored by Deaflympics Sports and takes place from 22 to 29 September 2018. Three boats are on offer to Australia on rotation by lot, though, as far as I know Mark's is the only team to enter from Australia. The boats are a unique German design, built in Germany specifically for the town of Puck on the Baltic coast near Gdansk. Mark has found that the Status 580 is the nearest design in Australia for purposes of training his team in preparation for this International event.
I, David F Hogg, RQYS Member since 1969, longest serving Volunteer at Sailability Bayside in Manly Harbour have been attempting to facilitate this team's training, coaching and fund raising to make certain that Australia's team arrives in Poland with the greatest chance of success.
His greatest need at present is the availability of a Status580 for training so I am appealing to the RL family to help come to his assistance with a boat and to give consideration to any other assistance your organization could possibly provide.
If you could help at all please contact Mark’s coach David Hogg on 0411550017
Darryn 19-Jul-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: URGENT Status 580 needed for world championships training.
Great result, Mark now has a ready to go Status 580 to use for training before he heads off to the 1st World Deaf Championships in September.
If anyone else can help out in any other way please email
Darryn 22-Jul-2018    Edit    Delete 

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