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A large turnout of QLD boats will be needed to repel the mexicans and cockroaches for the coming nationals.
10 or more local boats competing against the foreigners will make foe a fantastic regatta on and off the water.
If you haven't done a "nats",here's the opportunity for great racing and fun - 'RL style'.
Has there ever been a RL28 nationals ????
Significantly, Rob Legg Day will start the weeks proceedings. This will be a great honour for the man who started it all.
Paul Lincoln 24-Oct-2018    Edit    Delete 
Great post Paul, love it!
Well the Mexicans will be there in force to accept your challenge.
But it would be great to see the QLDers have the largest state numbers, 20 RL24 regularly compete in the Bay to Bay, surely we can get 10 or more at the Nationals.
This is a great chance to learn more about your boat with a week of sailing in close class quarters.
Letís get those entries coming in for both the Nationals and the Rob Legg Day and make this the biggest Queensland nationals we have ever had to help Rob Legg celebrate his 90th Birthday.
Yes thatís right Rob Legg and his family will be at RQYS for the start of the regatta so get those entries in.
Registration information for the Elliott Automation Rob Legg Day can be found on the home page of this website.

Enter the 46th RL24 Nationals via this website address below.

Darryn 27-Oct-2018    Edit    Delete 
I'd be interested in an RL28 regatta.
Robin 2-Nov-2018    Edit    Delete 
Robin, in regards to a RL28 regatta. This triggered me to make sure you know about the up and coming Rob Legg Day at RQYS on the 6th January 2019. Although not a regatta it will certainly be a good time to mingle with other RL28 Owners. Maybe something could fester from that. Information and registration forms for the day can be found via the home page on this RL website. Cheers Darryn Dyer RL24 Owners Association of Australia.
Darryn 7-Nov-2018    Edit    Delete 

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